Our Very Own Little Planner {Lauren} - ENGAGED!

Meet Lauren and her FIANCE Matt
Couple wearing Christmas clothes and smiling for a picture in front of a wood backdrop
These two cuties got engaged over the Christmas holidays!!
Here is the full story, told by Lauren.
"12.15.15 the love of my life asked me to marry him!! We went to dinner, it ended with me asking if we were going home after - his response was yes. As we walked out he said he needed to grab his sweatshirt from his buddy's car who was parked next to us. As he balled up the sweatshirt he grabbed my hand and started walking the opposite way of the car and told me he had a surprise. We came up to a horse carriage ride station three Jay's carriage service was waiting for us to check in for our holiday light ride at 9pm. We began the ride (the sweatshirt was stuffed in the corner of his side of the seat) and after some time the "lights went out" on the carriage and we had to stop. The driver asked us to step out and go check out lights while he fixed the carriage. There was conveniently a giant bridge brightly lit with Christmas lights. As I saw the candle light path, rose pedals and then the heart shape under the light I began to ugly cry before we even made it on the bridge. He brought me to the middle of the heart and got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. Of course I was crying and could only muster up a nod (yes)!!! He had a hidden photographer who got some pretty amazing photos."
Man proposing to woman on a bridge with candles and christmas lights, on one knee
Proposal in action
couple kissing on bridge
Photo Credit :: Pepper Yandell
So our very own little planner, Lauren, is now engaged herself and she will begin the planning process on her own DREAM WEDDING! Matt and Lauren are from Chicago originally so there is a good chance the wedding will be held there. Right now Lauren is focusing on her Engagement Party {in Chicago} and just enjoying the moment of finally getting her own engagement ring from her best friend and now fiancé and of course wedding dress shopping!
Hot pink engaged coffee mug with girl holding it wearing an engagement ring
And to top off all the excitement, Lauren and Matt were featured on How He Asked!!!
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 Congrats guys!! We love you and can't wait see what your big day looks like!

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