Custom Watercolor Wedding Sketch

We are so thrilled to share with you the amazing news that we now have our very own award winning watercolor sketch artist. She is an absolute doll to work with and her work is breath taking and flawless. So you are probably wondering why a wedding and event planning company has hired a watercolor sketch artist? Well..... the answer is because we want to offer our clients the most unique experience and most luxurious gifts. Bridal portraits are not enough anymore..... the beautiful thing about a sketch artist is that they draw / paint each subject skinny, tall, glamorous and sexy!!! Who doesn't want to remember their wedding day in that light? So take a look at a few of our past brides and their fabulous sketches while they are wearing their fabulous wedding dress!!! To order a custom sketch for your wedding please visit our shop to purchase!
What do you think, do you love them as much as we do?

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