Love & Music - Robert & Sarah

You can't have a wedding without music and for this adorable couple you can't have a relationship without love & music! These two song birds fell in love over music as they were both in the same orchestra. Robert is a timpanist while Sarah plays the French horn and although it wasn't love at first sight these two were setup by fellow musician friends. Robert and Sarah knew they had a fortissimo kind of love when they realized they wanted to get married one month after their first date!!
We just love a man in a tux and a girl in a dress....... so as their love crescendos, we can't wait to see all the musical details that they incorporate into their wedding day!!
We wish them a "Harmony" Ever After and may their love never go flat!
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Photo Credit :: Kat Israeloff

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  • tina

    So romantic!!! Great pictures!

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