Glamorous Engagements

We love that our brides trust us with the treasure that is their wedding day!
But before that fabulous day ever gets here most of our couples do engagement pictures. As planners / designers / stylist we are often asked "what should we wear to our engagement pictures'?
We highly suggest that doing a dressed up / best version of yourself will look timeless for years to come. When you look back in 10 or 20 years at your engagement pictures you most likely don't want to be wearing jeans! Wear a nice dress, something that is flattering to your body type and for the men we suggest wearing nice slacks with a tailored button up and of course great shoes for both. **Men - get a shirt tailored to your frame, the off the shelf - cape like - possibly your mom bought it shirt is not going to cut it. Jos. A Bank is a great affordable option, find a nice shirt and pay the money to get it tailored to you!** And if your man is willing, we highly recommend a suit or jacket too - again tailored! Also, we just adore a man in a good bowtie... so you can't go wrong there!!
Ladies.... please please please ..... get your hair and makeup done. Your wedding pictures and your engagement pictures are not the time to look like you do every day when you go to church or work. You will wish you had spent the extra dollars to look your absolute best! Trust Us!!
And of course... last .... but not least.... TRUST your planner to recommend a good photographer for you. You don't want to get all dolled up and looking glamorous to then be let down by a cheap photographer who doesn't know what they are doing. Make sure you hire a quality and reputable photographer to capture your fabulousness!
So with that being said, here are a few of our FAV engagement shots taken of some fabulous Rachel Events couples by some fabulous preferred photographers of Rachel Events!!!!
Photography Credit In Order | Top  > Bottom ::
Flashbox Photography
Perez Weddings
Charla Storey Photography
Flashbox Photography
Flashbox Photography
Shannon Skloss Photography
Hiram Trillo Photography

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