Mr. and Mrs. Shelton :Texas Wedding Planner Rachel Events

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have tied the knot! What an amazing wedding it was! When thinking of celebrity weddings people automatically picture huge, elaborate, and thousands and thousands of dollars. Once Miranda and Blake’s wedding photos were released to the public we were all quit in shock at first at the simplicity of the wedding. It was not the most elaborate and expensive wedding America’s seen, but it has quickly become one of America’s favorite celebrity weddings. The decorations were so simply and thing you can find around the house. The dresses were sweet and appropriate for each bridesmaid. The groomsmen were in every guys dream of not having to wear a tight tux and could just be comfortable in their boots and jeans. It was such a simple wedding, but will now be one people are modeling their weddings after for years to come! They truly had the dream wedding of mine. Rustic with Elegance while being simplistic.

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