Topsy Turvy Wedding Cakes :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


Here at Rachel Events, we love all things creative and out-of-the-box!!!  Which is why, when we came across the idea of “topsy turvy” wedding cakes, we knew we’d found a new favorite!!  These marvels of balance are sometimes called “mad hatter” or lopsided cakes, but no matter the name, the results are always awe-inspiring and gravity-defying!  The sky’s […]

Honeymoon Suite :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


You’ve been registering for linens, china, and kitchen gadgets (oh my!) – so why not register for something you’ll both really enjoy??  Register for your honeymoon!!!  There are websites galore for this new – and in our opinion, fabulous! – type of registry, but The Honeymoon is our latest favorite!!  Getaways are grouped by world regions to […]

Here Comes the Groom!! :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


You’re marrying the man of your dreams – congratulations!!!  If you’re trying to find a gift for your honey, look no further!  It’s customary for the bride (that’s you!) and the groom to exchange gifts before the wedding, and we’ve found some fantastic ideas for that amazing man of yours!!  Every guy is different, so […]

Lifting the Veil :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


To veil, or not to veil??  It seems to be the question!!  Many brides do not know where to turn when it comes to head-toppers, since trends can be all over the place!  The options for veils are endless – long or short, unique or traditional, lace or net, one layer or two (or even […]

Inside the Box :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


Here’s a tasty twist on the food bar trend: forget about candy, popcorn, and ice cream – why not take a step inside the box and have a cereal bar??  Perfect for the young at heart, cereal is a fun way to keep your guests sugared up and smiling all night long!!!  All you need […]

Plate it Up! :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


Here’s a question for you: what to do with the tradition of registering for wedding china??  When a bride and groom are melding two households and each already has dishes, does it really make sense to register for fancy place settings? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using what you already have and registering for other […]

A Trendy Loft Wedding : by Rachel Events


Valerie, Cristian and I first started planning their wedding from Cali! Valerie hired us over the phone and when her and Cristian moved back and settled in… we met for the first time! I knew they were a special couple and I have had the great honor of working with them and helping them plan […]

Kiss the Bride :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives: you hear the minister say, “You may kiss the bride!”  At this moment, you shouldn’t be worried about your lipstick!!  If you’re worried about smudging or kissing your lip color off throughout your wedding day, don’t fret!  We’ve found some great longwear options that won’t fade or rub […]

A Touch of Punk :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


We’ve all got a bit of the punk inside us!  For any bride looking to add a few punk elements to her wedding, is the website for you!!!  They’ve got clothing, accessories, gifts and more – but the shoes, bags, and jewelry really caught our eye!  We see a lot of great ways to […]

Happy Feet :: Fabulous Weddings Rachel Events


Your wedding day should be about love and laughter, not aching feet!  Now, we at Rachel Events know how to rock a great pair of heels, but let’s get realistic – there are very few women who can wear heels for 8 hours straight and still smile convincingly for pictures at the end of it!  With this in […]