Ali’s Journey – Day 11

Day 11   I can’t believe I am able to say this but…I found my dress! And at the first place I went! Well, kind of. I’ll explain.  There was a dress that I was obsessed with (literally) and I thought it was just the cutest thing known to man. So I searched where I […]

Ellis Wedding

Ali’s Journey – Day 10

Day 10 Color schemes will be the death of me. Either that or they will lead to the murdering of my mother. I’m a casual gal who wants a no-frills, shabby chic wedding in which nothing technically matches and the colors are soft and warm.  This would not be an issue if everyone and I […]

Ali’s Journey – Day 9

Day 9 And the Lone Oak Winery has been booked for May 7th, 2011! I brought Joseph, my parents and his mother out to the rustic, 3 acre winery for their ‘stamp of approval’ after spending an hour or so walking among the vineyard. When I received a “this is nice” from Joseph, it was […]

Ali’s Journey – Day 7

Day 7 Twelve. Count them, twelve wedding venues I have been to.  I have searched all around this stinkin’ metroplex and have come up empty handed. I have walked through a combination of twelve courtyards, halls, churches and gardens only to find that it doesn’t fit my theme, doesn’t have what I am looking for […]

Christin and Ray’s Wedding

Christin and Ray’s rainy day wedding turned out to be fabulous and blessed because it rained! They say in the wedding world that it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day… So Ray and Christin are going to have an awesome life together!! We had an outdoor ceremony on the terrace over looking […]

Ali’s Journey Day 5

Day 5 Yesterdays venue appointments were a flop and today’s have thoroughly lacked as well. I was just informed that it cost $5,000 to reserve a private garden for an event, but “oh, it’s not such a bad deal because that includes the tables and chairs.” Hold the phone. You’re telling me that if I […]

Rachel Events Friends

I wanted to share a picture taken at Marc Events for the Czars of Vinyl launch party! In this photo on the far left we have Don and Emily Mamone (Don Mamone Photography and Sheer Beauty by Don Mamone Photography), Ali Johnson (Assistant to Rachel Events, she is amazing and recently engaged… stay tuned to […]

Ali’s Journey – Day 4

Day 4 Alright, time to find a venue! After consulting my fabulous wedding planner Rachel, it was decided that I should find the place I wanted to get married and then secure the spring date upon my chosen venues availability. I have 2 appointments today and I am itching to find that “perfect” place for […]

Shawn and April’s Edgy Wedding

The gorgeous April married the rockstar Shawn on October 9, 2010! Rachel Events was so honored to be apart of the love and joy that this couple have in their lives! The Modern Elegance on Edge Wedding was so fabulous I might have to invent a new word to describe how great everything was!!! April […]